Be prepared for any threat or emergency with our security and disaster recovery planning that proactively anticipates and prevents problems. Antivirus is only a single way to protect your network. Whether you’re on the cloud or have your own servers, you must have a multi-tiered plan for data protection.

We prioritize disaster recovery planning and protect your sensitive data with multiple solutions that prevent issues and ensure a quick time to recovery in the event that a hardware failure or other incident happens.


Today, almost every company has backups. How far back do they go? How many different backups do you have? How fast can you restore them? Is it a single program backing up multiple times, or separate independent backup solutions? If your company’s data got infected with a Crypto virus, how long would it take to get your business operation again?

Your data is vital – that’s why we perform backups in triplicate that include a local, onsite backup with replication, plus an offsite backup. In the event of a hardware failure, fire or flood, your data is still secure and recoverable.


We can assess your network to discover any shortfalls, vulnerabilities or areas of improvement. After the testing and assessment, we provide strategies how to fix them and prevent future issues.